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Program for Nurseries and Pre-Schools

Little Speaking Tree can work within your childcare setting to help you prepare your pre-schoolers for school.

Our Programme for Nurseries specifically focusses on children aged 3.5yo - 4.5yo; the year before they make that all important transition into mainstream Reception.

We will come into your nursery and work with groups of between 8 and 12 children alongside your nursery practitioners and deliver a comprehensive, engaging framework of activities specifically targeting the 4 key communication skills:

  • Listening – absorbing and processing the spoken word and other sounds around them effectively (active listening!) 

  • Understanding – developing story sequencing skills and interpretation of cause and effect within story plots

  • Speaking – Using words and gestures effectively

  • Concentration – extending time spent independently focusing

We entwine Pie Corbett’s Early Years ‘Talk4writing’ teaching framework into some of our own unique activities that we have researched alongside leading speech and language specialists. *













What our nurseries say they value about us:

  • Having a specialist and fully trained Pie Corbett practitioner to work alongside their talented staff

  • Extend the excellent nursery provision already in place

  • Share exciting, new practice within their nursery setting

  • Focus on groups of children to give the senior members of staff time for essential administration duties without  detracting from the children’s learning time

  • Provide in house training for the more junior members of staff

  • Favourable PR with the OFSTED body and prospective parents

  • Help the nursery stand out above other nurseries in the area

  • Enable 45minutes of uninterrupted focussed work with groups of children away from the busy nursery environment


What families say we bring to their child’s nursery:

  • ·Children work directly with our fully Pie Corbett trained early years teachers

  • ·Enhanced preparation for starting school in Reception

  • ·Children are more confident in speaking, listening and story telling

  • ·Unique resources and activities not seen before at nursery

  • ·Smaller focussed sessions away from the busy nursery and distractions

  • ·Take home tips for parents

  • ·Something new for the children to get excited about


If you would like to find out more about how we can work within your nursery, please email

us on and let us show you how we can support and extend the

essential communication skills of the children in your nursery to not only prepare them for

school, but to set them up for life.


For full list of costs and information please email us

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