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Meet the Team 

"I think the greatest challenge

between child and parent is


Sean Convey

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I'm a parent of two young children and have been a primary school teacher for 17 years. I realised pretty quickly the importance of being able to have effective two way communication with your child. Having struggled to find any class specifically aimed at fostering this crucial skill, I decided to research and develop my own.

My extensive teaching experience has prooved first hand how strong confident communication skills can promote positive self esteem, boost learning and build more successful friendship groups.

Through rigorous research and liaising with leading speech and language specialists I realise now, that there is so much that can be done before your child actually speaks and how important it is in those emerging months, to encourage and build these skills. I just wish I had started earlier with my own!


I am parent to my cheeky, affectionate, investigative, worm-loving little boy and to my strong willed, empathetic, twirly-skirted little problem solver.  My little boy’s journey has felt much harder than hers to present and what I have come to truly understand is what an enormous part his delayed language development has played. He was a desperately frustrated little boy who felt very isolated and detached, so learnt many behaviours to cope with situations that were often completely inappropriate.  We were advised to get his hearing checked and to our huge surprise, he had glue ear.  He had grommets fitted and within months the world had opened a door and let him in, it was a different place.  He learnt to communicate through language and he was a different little boy.  

This chapter of my life called ‘becoming a parent’  has been such a magical period filled with a roller coaster of wonderful highs and challenging lows and I have spent many hours doubting my parenting skills. But wow what I have learnt from my very own little teachers! I have seen with my own eyes the doors that open once acquiring the skill and confidence to communicate and I have come to realise how absolutely fundamental communication is in every interaction in my personal  life. I have also become aware of how difficult so many people find it is to do effectively and compassionately, particularly as it’s often fueled by highly charged emotions where little people are involved. 

In my former life I was a Primary school teacher and taught the wonderfully imaginative, spirited and enthusiastic little people in Reception for 6 years. I loved it passionately. My experience of being a mummy and a teacher has given me an insight that I want to share with others and try to positively impact somebody else’s journey. We are our children’s first and most important teacher and I so want to help other families to have confidence to feel that their little team can be their best.


I'm a parent of two young children and have always believed that communication is a vital part of parenting, having been taught this by my own parents. There is a huge amount of research that demonstrates how the right communication with your children produces a wealth of benefits in their development, whether that is talking them through your day to day activities as you do them or asking them the right questions about their day.

With a background of over 10 years in marketing, I'm used to communicating in a wide range of situations and I'm excited to combine this with my experience as a parent and the knowledge we have gained from liaising with leading language and speech therapists, to bring it to our local parents and carers.

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