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"The way we talk to

our children becomes

their inner voice'

           Peggy O'Mara

As parents, teachers and highly trained early years specialists we have a wealth of experience in the early development of children’s learning and wellbeing. We have tried and tested many of the local classes for pre schoolers and have found that whilst they are wonderful most have a sport or music focus.

Chatting one day over coffee, we found ourselves discussing our own children's communication needs and the fact there were limited options to support their growing literacy development. As a result we have spent the last year researching and creating Little Speaking Tree; a comprehensive evidence-based program that promotes essential communication skills.

We feel extremely passionate about our classes and look forward to providing a warm, welcoming, fun and focused session , somewhere to help your little ones develop an early love of communicating with the world around them.








We know that each child has their own unique journey through communication and that understanding, listening and speaking is fundamental to their happiness, relationships with others and future learning. 


With the right nurturing and encouragement we believe our little ones will feel happier, calmer and more eager to communicate with the world around them. We are all too aware that times are changing and with the increase in screen time, we are seeing a decrease in inter-personal communication skills.

Our Philosophy


'75% of heads of nurseries and schools admitting 3 year olds, have noticed a significant decline in childrens language competence at entry level over the last five years'

National Association of Headteachers

Here at Little Speaking Tree we want to redress this balance by leaving your child with confident, face to face communication skills that set them up for life.

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