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"Mighty oaks from

tiny acorns grow"

Welcome to Little Speaking Tree 

We offer friendly, fun classes for your little ones (18mths up to 5 years) to learn essential communication skills that encourage confidence and enhance happiness for life's exciting adventures. 









Our classes support your child's:

  • Speaking: Using words and gestures effectively

  • Concentration: Helping to absorb and process words

  • Understanding: Helping to respond to words effectively

  • Reasoning: Supporting behaviour and relieving anxiety

  • Active listening: Listening opens the door to learning


  • A pre school class that leads the way by supporting little ones on their communication journey, helping them to becoming happy, confident little speakers for life

  • A program of activities to provide a head start in learning new words and developing existing vocabulary

  • Unique games to specifically enhance ‘active’ listening skills and attentiveness

  • Specialist exercises to develop facial muscle strength to improve clarity of speech and pronunciation

  • Research based games to build confidence and willingness speak out in a group

  • Simple yet effective ideas to try at home to support parents/carers

  • 45 precious minutes of one to one, calm, learning time to focus on just you and your little one’s language development

Our class structure



  • Secures the roots of early language and communication skills

  • Enables self esteem & personal confidence to flourish

  • Branches out relationships with family & friends

  • Sows the seeds for listening, co-operation & future learning

  • Provides a canopy of practical support materials to use at home

Why choose Little Speaking Tree?